On the 19 September 2017, Shout climate Change Africa celebrated World Ozone Day in Sierra Leone. This event was marked with people from all sectors of life; including a special Representative from the president of Sierra Leone on Renewable Energy. Shout Climate was highly graced by the large gathering of attendees at the British Council Auditorium.

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Mr Chairman, Representative of His Excellency the President, distinguished delegates, members of the fourth estate. May I welcome you to the 2nd meeting organized by Shout Climate change Africa in Freetown and to this saving the ozone layer summit on the theme: Climate Change Action: Industrial Summit’. We are here today to join the world and the international community to promote World Ozone Day 

This summit is an exciting event and it has inspired interest among all institutions and the response to our invitation has been marvelous. We are proud that Sierra Leone is now being one of those countries at the fore-front of efforts to save the ozone layer both in the industrial, domestic and international drive. As we shall strive to maintain this record, may I appreciate the outstanding work done by the government of Sierra Leone, the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment Protection Agency and all concerned. They ensure that communities give environmental issues the priority they must have. And I know I speak for all delegates to this summit when I thank our Executive director and his staff for what we are doing in our common cause.

No fewer than 50 institutions are here and that is evidence of how seriously we are all aware of the many problems confronting the environment across the globe, problems which none of us can afford to ignore. The green-house effect, the consequences of destruction of tropical rain forest, pollution of our air and water all these preoccupy governments and people more than ever before.

Our aim here is not only to discuss binding agreements; the United nations already provides the proper framework in which that can be addressed, but we are here, members of various institutions, diplomats and industrialists from all walks of life, to our knowledge and experience and to learn from one another, to improve understanding of the serious implications of the damage which is being done to the ozone layer and to pave the way for further concerned action. Indeed action is almost underway as well call on the government, to support us to achieve this dream. This action is also set in the government, to support us to achieve this dream. This action is also set in the United Nations Environment Program under the Montréal protocol which commits participants to reduce the use of Hydrochlrofluorocarbons (HCFCs) by 50%. This protocol I believe Sierra Leone is a signatory to. I would however, put forward two issues (points) to deliberate on

First, we are all are affected by damage to the ozone layer. The consequences we strike not only those whose products and whose use of those products doing the most damage. Certainly, they have a Heavier responsibility than others and if falls on them to do most to remove the causes of the problems. But that alone cannot suffice because we all are affected and we must be ready to take action in a major cooperative effort. Second, the problem is not for government alone. It will require cooperation with science and industry as well- both so very well represented at this summit. And beyond that, we shall need to enlist the understanding and active participation of individual people or groups within our respective societies. This is the case because at the end of the day, their habits choice of the products they use, the care that they exercise, will be crucial to success in saving the ozone layer. Finally we are grateful that you have to launch our summit. We look forward with the greatest possible interest to what you have to say to us. And may I wish this summit every success. I know that you will find it extremely interesting and ever rewarding