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Shout Climate Change Africa (SCCA) is thrilled to have Ismatu Daramy as our 2018 Global Ambassador. Ismatu Daramy has proven to be an avid advocate of environmental & social issues both in Sierra Leone and abroad. She represented Sierra Leone at the 2017 Miss Earth International Environmental Charity Pageant where she won a Silver Medal on behalf of Sierra Leone.

Ismatu Daramy’s commitment to Environmental Conservation has been demonstrated through various initiatives including Reforestation, Tree-planting, multiple school visits on behalf of SCCA, sensitizing students on the dangers of Climate Change, speaking engagements and more. She recently joined SCCA on a Documentary titled, “SEA LEVEL RISING THREAT” to raise awareness on the present Coastal Erosion, degrading the beaches and endangering the lives of many coastal communities here in Sierra Leone capital, Freetown.

As Shout Climate Change Africa Global Ambassador, Ismatu Daramy works to further our mission of aggressively spreading awareness on the dangers of Climate Change and championing projects to combat it. Ismatu Daramy is available to represent Shout Climate Change Africa at both National and International events and she is presently working on raising funds to support our mission.






Miss. Maiomaio started her public career as a fashion model and have modeled with several noble known fashion companies around China including the Fashion Star. Being a masters holder in economic and Finance. Miss Maiomaio also over the years have developed a keen business in Beijing and Hong Kong; primarily Graphic, professional website and operate designing for any brand. Her dream is to see a world free from pollution and reduce man made deserters around the world. In the light of the above, she is representing SCCA in China and the Asian pacific to help spread the loud message and do fundraising activities aim at helping the world to fight pollution of any type as it is one greater treat to our very existence. 

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Our Global Ambassadors are capable individuals who represents and advocate for SCCA around the world in the aim of addressing the challenges of Climate Change and Environmental Issues.

To become Our Global Ambassador, please send a request letter to our email (info@sccain.org)