As part of SCCA annual activities, the Organization Powered by Environment Protection Agency-Sierra Leone  organized 2018 Environmental Care Awards with the theme: Climate Change Action: Your Contribution will never remain unnoticed. This was geared towards appreciating and motivating key environmental care institution, countries and personalities around the globe.


Also, this award was aimed at awareness raising and encouraging others to take Urgent Climate Actions as the world including Sierra Leone experiences natural and artificial environmental challenges. Thus, it is our responsibility to find a way to mitigate climate change issues in our planet.


In Freetown Sierra Leone, at the Miatta Conference Hall Youyi building- Shout Climate Change Africa celebrated key national and international environmental care personalities & establishments, in acknowledgement of the commendable ventures demonstrated by those whose efforts were recognised in the just concluded event.


Well attended on Saturday 24th November, the 2018 Environmental Care Awards attracted lots of dignitaries, government ministers, international and local NGOs, members of the diplomatic corps, participants from the fourth estate, state and non state institutions, academic institutions, civil society, local authorities, companies et’ali were highly thrilled for an enthusiastic attendance and its incredible outcome.



Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, World Bank, UNDP, UNFPA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Ministry of Trade and Industry, IMF Student, World Vision, Guma Valley Water Company, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Njala University, College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, Limkokwing University, Office of the National Security (ONS), Prince of Whales Secondary School- Freetown, Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, UNOPS, National Civil Registration Authority, Child Fund, OXFAM, GOAL-SL, FOCUS 1000, the Sierra Leone Police, National Commission for Social Action, NRA, UBA, National Tourist Board, twenty-five media houses, and more.



The Agenda of the event was “2018 Environmental Care Awards with the theme: Climate Change Action: Your Contribution will never remain unnoticed” which showcase SCCA Commitment in ensuring that the global environmental landscape are free from disasters.


On Saturday 24th November 2018, SCCA powered by EPA-SL observed the event after a well advertised and public awareness raising by the combined collaborative team of SCCA and EPA-SL on both the Radio and Television.


This prestigious ceremony was MC by one of the most experienced & popular Sierra Leonean Master of Ceremony – Mr. Dennis Nelson Streeter; and his CO- MC SCCA Global Ambassador USA based Ismatu Daramy.




Awardees for the 2018 Environmental Care Awards


1. H.E Julius Maada Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone- ( Golden President of the year)


2. H.E.  EU Ambassador Tom Vens- ( Most Dedicated Ambassador of the year)


3.   H.E.  British High Commissioner- Guy Warrington-  ( Dedicated and Outstanding High Commissioner of the Year)


4.   Dr. Memunatu Pratt- Hon. Minister of Tourism And Culture – (Conscious Minister of the Year)


5.   Mr. Joseph J. Ndanema- Hon. Minister of Agriculture And Forestry – (Dedicated Minister of the Year)


6.   Dr. Denis Sandy- Hon. Minister of Lands & the Environment – (Environmental Care Minister of the Year)


7. The Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces – (Dedicated Force Of The Year)


8.   FAO of the United Nations –  (Eco-friendly Organization of the Yea)


9.   Gola Rainforest National Park – (Eco-conservation Organisation of the year)


10.   Prof. Foday Moriba Jaward- the Executive Chairman, Environment Protection Agency- SL – (Outstanding Environmental Activist of the Year)


11.  Her Worship the Mayor- Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, Freetown


12. Mr. Joseph  Munda Bindi- Chairman Bo District Council – (Outstanding Chairman of the Year)


13.  Fourah Bay College- University of Sierra Leone – (Environmental Law Training University of the Year)


14.  Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin- Rokel Commercial Bank Managing Director – (CEO/ MD of the Year)


15.  Capital Radio – (Weather Forecast Radio of the Year)


16.  Gento Group of Company Limited – (Outstanding Company of the Year)


17.  Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire – (Outstanding Media House of the Year)


18.  Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary – (Wildlife Conservation Organisation of the year)


19.  G. Shankerdas & Sons Limited – (Conscious Recycling company of the year)


20.  International Insurance Company – (Environmental Friendly Company of the Year)


21.  Lucy-Ann Ganda – Head of TV, Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation- (Journalist of the Year)


22.  Rokel Commercial Bank SL Limited- ( Bank of the Year )


23.  Mohamed J. Bah,  Awoko Newspaper – (News Reporter of the Year)


24.NP (SL) Limited – (Humanitarian Company of the Year)


25.International Construction Company – (Humanitarian Construction Company of the Year)


26.  Zenith Bank Sierra Leone Limited – (Humanitarian bank of the year)


Before the presentation of the awards, statements were made by SCCA Director, EPA Executive Chairman, the EU Head of Delegation, and the British High Commissioner. Upon receipt of Awards, short statements were made by the various awardees including Her Worship the Mayor of Freetown, the Government Ministers and others on the importance of keeping the environment safe. It was stated by the EU head of Delegation as follows:  “we are all here together, all of us can do a lot, and none of us can achieve anything if we don’t do it together. So we all have to work together to make this happen and to really stop the environmental degradation. So a big appeal to all of us, and big thank you to all of you also for recognizing the work that have been doing on this and it is a bit encouragement to continue to do more on this”.




An appeal was also made by H.E.- British High Commissioner -Guy Warrington; the Hon. Minister of Tourism and Culture- Dr. Memunatu Pratt; Her Worship the Mayor of Freetown- Yvonne Aki- Sawyer to the audience to handle the environment properly for sustainable development to strive.




A vote of thanks was made by SCCA National Student Unit Representative – Carolyn A.O. Afriyie. The representative of the student body also appeal to everyone in the below quotation: “we humbly request other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Private Institutions, both local and international, NGOs, Development Partners etc to emulate the footsteps of EPA in collaborating with SCCA and similar environmental organisations especially the student units for us to collectively contribute to the sustainable management of our environment. No contribution is too small since a single first step is a giant step for mankind. We can build on it to do wonders like what you have all witness here tonight”.


At the close of the ceremony, awardees & participants again gathered at the red carpet reception and fresh rounds of photos were taken.


   – Participants were entreated to well prepare refreshment at the prestigious Miata Conference Building.


      – The event ended attracting seven hundred and fifty-three attendees.






On the whole, it is reported that the ceremony was a huge success; as it captured relevant personalities from all walks of life that could influence decision makings in the country. Equally, based on their participations, there is the firm conviction that they and others are gradually gaining consciousness about the problems of environmental degradation which has been causing havoc in the country the past five years.


They are also ready to tackle problems relating to climate change issues not only affecting Sierra Leone but joining hands with the world at large. The Presence of such high-level Government officials, national and international Organisations affirms the commitment of the Government in tackling this global challenge. The Tourism Minister affirmed this by informing the gathering that the new direction government has prioritised environmental protection in various departments and ministries of the republic.


Essentially, the outcome of the ceremony was worth its expectation and SCCA is very much grateful to EPA for powering the event; and for the technical advice given by the EU Ambassador- Tom Vens.  The organisation is also very grateful to all other participants for undertaking one of their core mandate in addressing environmental sanity and sustainability. 


For further information about the just concluded event; and the upcoming 2019 environmental care awards: contact: +23278903355 / +23299354747 OR email us @: info@sccain.org/ Please kindly visit SCCA website for summary of our environmental activities: www.sccain.org


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As part of SCCA annual activities, the ORGANIZATION POWERED BY ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AGENCY-SIERRA LEONE shall organize the Climate Change Environmental Care Awards scheduled for November 24th 2018 with the theme: CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION: YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL NEVER REMAIN UNNOTICED. This is geared towards appreciating and motivating key environmental care institutions, countries and personalities around the globe.

Also, this award is aimed at awareness raising and encouraging others to take Urgent Climate Actions in respect of Sustainable Development Goal 13; as the worldincluding Sierra Leone experiences natural and artificial environmental challenges. Thus, it is our responsibility to find a way to mitigate climate change issues in our planet. For further information about the upcoming Awards:

contact: +23278903355/+23299354747 OR email us @: info@sccain.org/infoscca100@gmail.com





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