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Thank you very much our able chairman; the guest of honour for today’s program Dr. Foday Moriba Jaward- the Executive Chairperson-EPA; representative of the Honorable Minister of Tourism & Culture; distinguished delegates; invited guests; ladies and gentlemen: may I welcome you all with precious regards on this important occasion, for gracing and celebrating with us today.

It is a joy to be here, as today marked our 2ndtime joining the World and the International Community for the Celebration of World Tree Planting Day. In response to the unfortunate environmental conditions caused by reduction in the number of trees in our land which have not just degraded the land surface but has also necessitated to serious surface run-off during heavy rain falls and squalls, streets flooding within Freetown municipality have also been eminent resulting to destruction. As Climate Change actors/activists we are bound to devote our commitments in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 that calls for Urgent Climate Action. 

It is against this backdrop that we are gathered here today to plant trees for the present and for the future. As an Organisation, SCCA is hereby commending government efforts for the introduction of 1stSaturday nationwide monthly cleaning. Today, we can now see that the drainage systems in the country’s capital have been free from garbage, sand and stones. We congratulate the collaborative efforts of Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio vision of the NEW DIRECTION for tackling environmental problems in the country.

We are also sincerely welcoming the vision of our Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Forestry-Mr. JOSEPH J. NDANEMA for his worthy plan of seeing our capital a beautiful city with ornamental trees. As partners in this venture, we are committed to working with his vision, so also do we encourage others to ensure that this laudable vision is achieved.

In our daily living, we all require regular reminders of our relationship with the environment. The good health of our land is essential to our own health and well-being, and to our future, and trees are an essential part of it.

We welcome the presence of our honoured guest speakers and partners for joining us PLANT TREES FOR LIFE. Indeed, trees play an essential role in mitigating environmental disasters.  Planting trees is one of the most important things we can do to contribute to the health of our societies.  Trees are important component of the breathing cycle, drawing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen.  Strategically planting trees can help beautify our landmark and reduce surface-flooding both of which have been eminent in the country.

Trees in urban towns filter the air and remove harmful particles.  They also help to filter and regulate water, preventing flooding and protecting watersheds.  They reduce noise pollution by shielding homes and offices from roads and industrial areas.  They provide a hospitable place for animals to live and other plants to grow.

If you visit some of our National Parks or beaches; you would see how trees can promote health and relaxation.

We are here today to plant trees for life and to provide information about the importance of trees and why we should keep them safe.